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Follow Your Dreams

Gabriella Griffin

Courtesy of Georgie Cobb

Courtesy of Georgie Cobb

Can you remember a time when you were able to imagine and dream up ludicrous ideas?  A time when becoming a superhero or astronaut seemed more palpable than becoming an adult.  Isn’t it interesting that as we get older our dreams become more realistic and less outlandish?   One can only imagine how many dreams have been deterred or even abandoned as a result of fear.  

While danger is very real, fear is a conscious choice.  Nothing more than a by-product of thoughts created by your imagination.  Think of all of the fears that you have had throughout the course of your life.  Then think about how many of these fears actually materialized into reality.  If you are like most, the majority of those fears have amounted to nothing more than a waste of time and energy.

Now imagine if you fed your dreams instead of your fears.  How many limitations would be removed from your life?  You would live in a world of endless possibilities.  One where you would dream the dreams that you previously deemed impossible.  You would take the risks that fear would otherwise dissuade you from.  Life would be limitless!      

So the next time your intuition nudges you in the direction of that dream job, that vacation you’ve been putting off because of expenses or a love interest that you’ve been afraid to pursue; do yourself a favor and focus on the possibility of success instead of the illusion of fear.  In the grand scheme life is short, a valuable gift but still short none the less.  Why waste it living in fear?  You owe yourself the opportunity to live life to its fullest and fear does nothing but kill dreams.  It has probably killed more dreams than failure. 

 Nefretiti A. Morant